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Production of "Borisov plant of plastic packaging" Polimiz "

     "Borisov plant of plastic packaging" Polimiz "is the largest manufacturer of packaging products in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Russia and CIS countries.
       The main activity is the production of plastic containers and packaging for dairy industry.
     In a broad assortment list product of our company - lactic film manufactured by the Finnish Technology, lactic type "Extra" film, polystyrene and polypropylene edible cups for dairy industry different volumes (over 25 titles) as a seal, and without it, laminated foil with a seal for oil and fat products, the label on the plastic film, a film with mineral additives "Linkaver" polystyrene lid, the lid foil, shrink film, multi-layer polyethylene film, lot and disposable tableware ...
      In addition, our organization since 2005, is the only producer in the territory of the Republic of Belarus of popular 2-chamber cup yoghurt or curds with filling.